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Bircher Muesli Recipe

Bircher Muesli Recipe The most important meal of the day is obviously breakfast. After a good night’s sleep the stomach remains empty and there is a need for a hearty, feel-good breakfast that will take you through your day. For those who work long hours, bircher muesli is the ideal breakfast. It is healthy for the [&hellip

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Bircher Muesli Orange Juice

Bircher Muesli Orange Juice Breakfast is the first meal of the day and thus, should be healthy, as well as interesting. Muesli has always been considered to be a great breakfast option. It gives you all the required nutrients, enough to keep you active all day, but also ensures that you stay full for a [&hellip

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Bircher Muesli Spiced Strawberry

Bircher Muesli Spiced Strawberry Most of us prefer to eat something cool during the hot summers. And a popular variant in this category alongside chilly drinks and frosty fresh fruit is the Bircher muesli aka overnight oats. The reason it is considered a perfect breakfast item for summers is that is light yet refreshing and [&hellip

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