Bircher Muesli vs Granola

Which Breakfast Dish Should You Choose?

The best way to start the day right is by eating a wholesome breakfast.

A nutritious meal is just what you need to have an excellent source of energy that will keep you pumped up all day long.

Thus, you should plan your breakfast carefully to make sure that you are getting the right nutrients needed by your body.

Bircher Muesli or Granola – Key Features of Each

Bircher Muesli vs Granola - AmazonAmong the two popular breakfast options are bircher muesli and granola because of their high fiber content and nutritive value.

Both of these are also easy to prepare, which make them perfect for people who are always on the go.

While these meals are often interchanged, they have different features that make one better than the other in terms of nutrition.

Bircher muesli is a traditional cereal dish that originated from Switzerland.

Since it is a homemade dish, bircher muesli makes a healthier option to processed cereals and oatmeal mix sold in the supermarket.

Preparation time is a bit lengthy, though, since you will have to leave the oats soaked overnight to attain the right texture and obtain the best flavor from them.

Nevertheless, all your efforts are worth it because this dish is a highly nutritious meal that will supply your body with wholesome ingredients.

Granola also contains oats as its main ingredient, which make it a fiber-rich dish.

It also has dried fruit, nuts and wheat germ that add more flavor to this breakfast meal.

You may purchase granola in stores, so it is much easier to prepare this dish for breakfast.

Just follow the recommended serving size to supply your body with essential nutrients that will boost your energy and performance levels.

Which One is the Better Option?

Both of these healthy breakfast dishes contain an excellent combination of oats, dried fruit, nuts, and bran.

Although muesli has dried milk solids in its ingredients, you may choose to keep this dish unsweetened to meet your preference.

On the other hand, granola has the sweet glaze and slightly crispy quality because it is toasted with oil and honey.

Hence, granola has a higher fat and sugar content than bircher muesli.

Choosing between these two nutritious dishes is a
matter of preference

Bircher Muesli vs Granola

However, bircher muesli proves to be more suitable for those who suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis and hypercholesterolemia (high concentration of blood cholesterol) because of its high amount of fiber and low sugar content.

If you are more fond of granola, though, you may prepare your own to cut back on oil and sugar.