Bircher Muesli – Popular Breakfast Dish

Keep’s You Energized All Day

Bircher Muesli A Highly Nutritious Food

Bircher MuesliEven if you skip your afternoon meal.

If you have a habit of eating breakfast then you are doing the best you can for your body and mind.

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Bircher Muesli is very healthy for you and your family.

A healthy breakfast provides us with all the essential nutrition we require for our body to function optimally…

…by eating a breakfast daily you fulfill your daily nutritional requirements which benefits you with good health.

There are lots of things which keep people from having a healthy lifestyle.

This leads to stressful feelings, less energy, and a weaker immune system. Here are a few ideas which can help you get your healthy breakfast daily.

Stock Up On

This method will help you save a lot of your time and effort. Get the important healthy breakfast food items such as a Bircher Muesli Healthy Breakfast, fresh fruits; honey etc.

One day a week. You can minimize the burden of shopping, and it will also help you prepare your breakfast, fast. When you are late. Just take them out of the fridge, fresh, and prepare a healthy breakfast.

Stock up on vegetables and fruits

To have a healthy breakfast it is vital to have fruits and vegetables in your breakfast.

There are thousands of recipes where you can use fresh fruits for sweet meals and vegetables for breakfast meal such as rava and other nutritional meals.

These can boost your energy level and fulfill your daily nutritional requirements.


  • You need to take one cup of rolled oats
  • Half cup of fresh juices – orange or apple juice
  • Half cup of sugar free yoghurt
  • Handful sultanas or currants
  • Handful properly chopped sulphur free dried apricots
  • Small sprinkling of ground nutMeg
  • Small sprinkling of cinnamon
  • Half peeled Granny Smith apple, grated to serve
  • A tablespoon of melted butter, cereal berries and crispy almonds.

There is no standard process for making
Bircher Muesli

Merge different juices, yoghurt, sultanas (oval seedless grape), cinnamon currants, chopped rolled oats, apricots, and nutmeg in a big bowl and mix them.

Chill them for a night

For serving, stir this dish in the grated apple, put it in a bowl. You can garnish it with berries, butter and/or crispy almonds.

You can try different combinations and variations of this dish.

Health Benefits

This food is fat free low calorie breakfast. Rolled oats used in preparing this recipe can reduce your cholesterol levels.

The seeds and nuts provide vital fatty acids and proteins, with all the health benefits. Traditional Greek-culture yoghurt has more probiotic and calcium.

Have a Bircher Muesli breakfast daily

No matter how busy you are don’t skip your breakfast.

If you are late and have no time for breakfast, then make time for it. You can achieve this by cooking easy meals. There are recipes which take five to ten minutes to prepare and are a healthy breakfast meal.

To your health
Jim E. Novak